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The Same Mind (Part 2)

The Holy Spirit is the Christian’s guide to helpunderstand truth (John 16:13). Christians can be fallible, however, although the Holy Spirit (God) is not. Thus continues the defense of denominationalism on the part of the Ministerial Alliance (MA) in a town in another... read more

Would We Be Better Off Without It?

“We are a guinea-pig generation for an experiment in mass debasement that few of us would ever have consented to, and whose full nefarious impact may not be known for years. The march of technology is irreversible, and we aren’t so naïve as to believe that any kind of... read more

The Same Mind (Part 1)

A Preaching Brother (P.B.) wrote a few weeks ago about a challenge he received from a ministerial alliance in the town where he lives and works. Having mentioned some of those matters in Spiritual Perspectives, which he receives, he wrote back and provided a copy of... read more

Jezebel’s Children

This wicked queen of Israel did have physical children of her own—both of whom died young—but the title refers to her figurative offspring. And who are they? They are the ones who share her shameless character and her irrational way of thinking. The designation of... read more

How Many Gospels?

In the preceding article, “The Concept of Restoration” (September 4, 2016), we examined a portion of an e-mail exchange dealing with the necessity of restoration. The writer, KB, also had asked twice about the need of being baptized “for the remission of sins,” and... read more

Where Did I Go Wrong?

Years ago, advertisements for the latest Clint Eastwood movie said, “The man with no name is back again.” Recently, I received an e-mail from a person with no name—but he or she did have what looked like a telephone number. Since no name was used, this individual will... read more

The Concept of Restoration

Occasionally, someone sends an e-mail in the form of a question which may lead to a brief (or a lengthy) discussion. This one turned out to be brief, but the ideas brought into it were quite broad. All of the comments came from someone who will be referred to as KB,... read more

Real Estate and Modest Attire

Probably few people care, but the Playboy Mansion has been sold for $100,000,000. According to the August 17th (2016) Orlando Sentinel, the five-acre piece of property was purchased by the next-door neighbor (A4). The terms of the sale allow Hugh Hefner, who is 90, to... read more

Friends, Family, & Finances

About 15 years ago, brethren in a Bible class at Pearl Street were studying the subject of church discipline. This writer asked the question, “Why don’t brethren withdraw fellowship the way the Bible says they ought to?” Brother Dub McClish answered succinctly that... read more

How to Prepare a Sermon

Ever wonder how preachers prepare their messages? The preaching brother (P.B., for short) whose letter was cited last week (see the two articles from August 21, 2016) commented on some additional topics. One of those involved a conversation with a Baptist preacher who... read more

What is a Cult?

The same writer of the letter mentioned in the previous article also spoke of a Baptist preacher who taught youngsters in a local public school to stay away from the church of Christ because we are “a cult.” As is often the case, those who have an argument make it,... read more

Preachers’ Meetings

A few days ago I received a letter from a fellow preacher in another state who lamented that there were no preachers’ meetings in the area where he lives that are worth attending. His comments are readily understandable since the same condition exists in Central... read more


“Assuredly, I say to you that tax collectors and harlots enter the kingdom of God before you” (Matt. 21:31b). In the next verse, as support for this statement, Jesus cites the recent example of these undesirable elements of society responding to the preaching of John... read more

The “Lucifer” Effect

One of the questions put into the Question Box simply asked: “What is the ‘Lucifer’ effect?” The expression seems to have originated with (according to the Internet) Philip Zimbardo, a psychologist and professor emeritus at Stanford University. He has written, among... read more

The Attraction of Atheism

“Nationally, in 2014, 23% of all American adults identified themselves as atheists,” claims a news report from The Wall Street Journal (June 4-5, 2016). “Secular Voters Raise Their Voices” by Laura Meckler analyzes the religious faith of voters. While it is pointed... read more


The word, integrity, is found sixteen times in the Old Testament. (In this era of television and corruption, integrity is scarcely to be found at all.) In eleven passages, the word translated “integrity” in the King James Version is tom [8537] (pronounced tome).... read more

National Monument to the Forefathers

How many have ever heard of the National Monument to the Forefathers?  If not, one might wonder how he made it through 12 grades of learning and some beyond that) without ever hearing about it. Everybody knows about the famous landmark that we call The Statue of... read more

Masquerading as a Church

As news commentator Paul Harvey used to say, “Here is a strange.” The following event took place in Utica, New York, and was reported in the July 6, 2016 Orlando Sentinel. The title of the article grabs the reader’s attention immediately—“Woman Found Guilty in... read more

Baiting God

Everyone has probably heard about the atheist who stood up in a public meeting and said, “If there is a God, I’ll give Him sixty seconds to strike me dead.” Everyone looked around nervously until halfway through the allotted time one man replied, “Does this man think... read more

So What Is The Christian Chronicle Chronicling?

[Editor’s Note: The following excerpt appeared in the July 1, 2001 Spiritual Perspectives (then published in Denton, Texas) in response to some articles that appeared in The Christian Chronicle in May and June of that year. June’s issue also interviewed Rubel Shelly,... read more

Muslim Beliefs and Claims (Part 2)

Having considered what the New Testament writers teach about Jesus, let us now observe what the Old Testament prophets taught regarding Him. Jude records what an early prophet foretold of Jesus. Enoch, the seventh from Adam said these words: Behold, the Lord comes... read more

Becoming Wise

What’s the best way to become wise? Most people might answer that the best way to attain wisdom is to read and study the basic principles that pertain to living in this world. Some might add that it would be helpful to be given real-life practical situations and... read more

Muslim Beliefs and Claims (Part 1)

The Orlando Sentinel publishes on Saturdays a page that they designate as “A Call to Worship.” It displays advertisements for all manner of religious groups—including Muslims. At the top of the third column (there are six across) and running four inches down (the... read more

Are You Tired of It Yet?

Okay, it’s been three weeks since the massacre at an Orlando night club, and probably after one week everyone was tired of hearing about the event. But newspapers and broadcasts continue to emphasize what happened— especially since this tragedy facilitates keeping the... read more

Republicans Kill 50 People in Orlando Nightclub

What? Where did that headline appear? As far as is known, such a claim did not appear in any newspaper. Even so, a poll taken among New Jersey residents last week revealed that most people there thought that Republicans were responsible for the massacre. Why? The... read more

The Kindest Behavior toward a Homosexual

A Muslim cleric, Dr. Farrokh Sekaleshfar, is being reminded of his words from a 2013 speech given at the University of Michigan. “Death is the sentence. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about this. Death is the sentence. We have to have that compassion for people.... read more

The Devil’s Use of Familiarity

A strategy was attempted at the Joplin Unity Meeting in 1984. The purpose of getting 50 members of the Christian Church and 50 members of the churches of Christ together was not to discuss differences between the two groups; it was to attempt to unify men “from both... read more

Deterioration by Association

God Instructed Haggai the prophet to ask a question of the priests about something in the Law of Moses: “If one carries holy meat in the fold of his garment, and with the edge he touches bread or stew, wine or oil, or any food, will it become holy?” The priests... read more