Okay, the details of the following description here may not be accurate; I only saw the video for a brief moment. Perhaps someone else viewed it and can provide more information. The brief clip showed one woman savagely beating another alongside her car. Whether she pulled her out of her car or the woman voluntarily left it, I cannot recall. But the one relentlessly punched and kicked the other. Someone called the police; the beating was taped on a cell phone (fortunately).The woman meting out the punishment had obviously lost control of herself. When the police came to inquire of the incident, the woman guilty of the assault said without hesitation that the woman lying on the ground half dead had “started it.” Her mother backed her up. Both lied.

The victim of another human being’s rage survived to tell the truth of what had happened. A few frightening things concerning this event present themselves. First, if the woman had died, the other side of what occurred would be quite sketchy. Second, without the video, the police may not have been able to arrest anyone. It might have been chalked up to a street fight with conflicting testimonies. Third, that an innocent motorist could be beaten in broad daylight is disconcerting. Could anyone be susceptible to such an attack? Fourth, in how many people does such anger reside? She did not know her victim. Was the true object of the woman’s wrath a boss who had recently fired her—or a boyfriend who beat her? We don’t know, but no one should possess such fermented bitterness to unleash on a fellow individual made in the image of God.

Perhaps it was another manifestation of her explosive anger, but the fact that she so willingly lied to shift the blame on the helpless soul she had pummeled indicates an absence of morality, Christian thinking, and conscience. The fact that her mother corroborated her lie may explain where she got those values. Why didn’t her mother try to stop her? Did she not have any compassion whatsoever? Such extreme selfishness on the part of both should never be imitated. Is what happened here a demonstration of Darwin’s “survival of the fittest”?

Is this event a harbinger of what is to come as many children today are reared apart from Christian teaching? Each decade that passes finds more and more young people who know little about the Bible, God, and Jesus. The information is available, but teachers and various college professors mock holy concepts. In older movies, one could often observe some of the main characters worshiping on Sundays, but such scenes rarely can be found these days. God and His ways have no place in the public forum. So, is this what’s coming—more displays of thuggish behavior by heartless souls devoid of self-control?